Rwenzori Trekking Services
Samalira Falls

Three Day Trek - Rwenzori Mountains National Park

TREK to Kalalama at 3,147 metres and across to Samalira Camp & falls at 3,140 metres.
$320 hiking fees plus $35 per night national park entrance fees. Making a total of $390 per person

Price includes: guides, all porters, food (meals) and accommodation whilst in the mountain.

Start at Trekkers at 1,450 meters and sleep at Sine Hut at 2,596 meters being a height gain of 1,146 meters, or those who are fit and want to proceed to Kalalama Camp at 3,134 metres may do so and apart from the fantastic views of both the cliffs above and views across the lowlands, Kasese town and across Lake Edward in Queen Elisabeth National Park.

We start by walking up the valley floor through tall forest trees of the Afro Montane Forest Zone. This is a steady climb for the first six kilometres then after crossing a river it is a steep climb up to Sine Camp. The forest trees are tall with multitudes of birds and a chance of seeing blue monkeys scampering off through the forest. Enock’s Falls are just 200 meters from Sine Hut and offer a splendid opportunity to capture a great screensaver for your memories as brightly clouded green lichen grow on the many lives hanging from the trees with the waterfall as a background.

At Sine Camp 2,596 metres we have wooden huts set between tall forest trees on a narrow ridge where you may sit and enjoy the beauty forest while you look down at a long set of rapids and waterfall crashing over the rocks. Some clients prefer to sit outside enjoying the warmth of the campfire and chat to the guides about the mountains and life in their community. Sine is bottom edge of the bamboo zone and the area around has many different bird species. 150 meters from the camp is Enock falls which is set in livid green vegetation and hanging vine. Truly beautiful.

During the afternoon you may wish to walk down to Enocks falls where there is many swinging vines covered with bright green lichen and mosses. You may decide to continue down the forest trail about a kilometres to see more of the swinging vines and absorb the beautiful envioonmemt before returning to Sine Camp for the night.

You can sleep at Sine Camp, or those who are fit and want to proceed to Kalalama Camp at 3,134 metres may do so and apart from the fantastic views.

From Sine Camp we start by climbing up through the bamboo forests whish is quite steep but very beautiful and inspiring. AS you climb through the upper part of the bamboo zone there is small patches of mixed forest trees many of which bear fruit and berries and atracts many different types of birds.

You will hear the calls of the Rwenzori Turaco bird which has bright red or crimson wings and a magnificent sight as they fly between trees also during the drier season the female Malicite Sunbird comes down the mountain to feed on nectar producing flowers before heading back to the high altitudes to mate and rear their young. At about 3,000 metres altitude you reach the Heather zone where the Giant Heather trees reach 15 metres in height and are truly magnificent.

At 3,147 metres you find Kalalama Camp which is an alternative to sleeping at Sine camp which has excellent views. Here you stop for a quick snack and where you have the option to climb further up the mountain towards Mutinda Peaks for about 2km and where you can see the beautiful Giant Lobelia plants and floweres in a vast peat bog. After which you return to Kalalama Camp for lunch before crossing to Samalira Camp at 3,170 metres for the night.

The walk across to Samalira Camp is more or less level as it cuts across the high ridge covered woth Giant Heather trees and an incrediable atmosphere particually in ther fog as you cross beautiful streams which then drop over the edge and away. A beautiful experience indeed!!

At Samalira Camp the dinning hut is perched on the side of the gorge and where you look down on two of the five waterfalls while you enjoy your meal or cup of tea. After a break you can walk down a trail to the base of the waterfalls and look up to see the water tumbling over the falls though the Giant Heather trees. A trully magnificent sight. You may also take a short walk above the camp, although steep up a narrow ridge where the ground and rocks covered with bright green moss and you look down on the camp

In the morning you descend down through the bamboo forests with fantastic views across the lower hills and valleys to Forest View Camp where you have lunch or a small snack before descending down through the Afro Montane Forest Zone with many birds and primates. At the bottom of the steeper descent you reach Nyamwamba Camp where you may rest again before walking out the final 6km to the park gate.

Some of the things you will explore