Birds of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park


Parus fascilventer


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Size 11cm,4,5’’

Identification A dark grey ,black and white Tit with

black of head extending as a broad vertical stripe down centre of breast, grey and black above with white wings bars and white edge to the tail. Immature is browner washed yellowish on the flanks.

Call/Song Call consist of shorter churrs and a rhythmical ch-ch,ti-ti,ch-ch,ti-ti,ch-ch while the call are obviously tit like,but rather soft and muffled.

Distribution This Bird is located in Rwenzori Mountains, South West Uganda ,Western side of Rwanda and Burundi.

Habitat. Endemic to montane forest along the Albertine Rift from 1800m to 3400m where it is common in the middle levels and canopy

Breeding/Nesting This bird breed in November, December and January which is the same as the other birds in the Rwenzori Mountains. They nest a bit higher on tree branches with mouse and little sticks.

Movement They move by hopping on branches by feeding and fly shifting from the tree to another.

Local Information None from local people as it's habitat which is deep in the forest so, no connection with humans.