Birds of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park


Cinnryis stuhlmanni


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Size 14cm,5,5’’

Identification Three races occur in our area: all are similar to Northern double collared sunbird but are larger.

In the Ruwenzori mountains in Uganda,male of the nominate race are the largest and longest billed, the belly is olive.

In South West of Uganda and North of Rwanda, the race Graueri has a shorter bill and a grey -buff belly,while in South West Rwanda and North Burundi, schubotzi has an intermediate length bill and darker belly.

Females are best separated by the Northern double collared sunbird by the larger size and longer bills.


Common calls are two notes(si-siiii) the second note higher,no note is recorded in our area.

Distribution This Sunbird is located only in SWUganda,Western side of Rwanda and Western Burundi.

Habitat.An endemic in isolated high mountains around the Albertine Lift. It is locally common above 2000m occurring at forest edge and hearth vegetation with flowering bushes.

Breeding/Nesting Their breeding season are the same to all sunbirds in Ruwenzori mountains (November, December and January) and they nest at about the same levels of plants (middle and some times a bit higher).

Movement Common to all sunbird to move by short flying from the place to another.

Local Information No special interest in this sunbird as only lives in high altitudes