Mammals of the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Trekking Services are very keen in conservation of wildlife and the environment. We hope to undertake research gather information, photograph, areas of species and sound bites of various animals, birds and frogs then set up a comprehensive webpage in an effort to bring attention to the environment and unique species found in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. Uganda Wildlife Authority is making every effort to control poaching but are marred by the lack of manpower and finances however they are making positive gains in not only patrolling the newly opened area of the Kilembe Trails but in holding meeting throughout the communities surrounding the National Park and sensitizing the people on the value of conserving the National Park.

A list of the principal mammals found in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda

Rwenzori Golden Mole – Chlorotalpa stuhmanni

Rwenzori Water or Otter Shew – Micropotamogale rwenzorii

Rousette Fruit Bat – Rousettus lanosus

Uganda Blue Monkey – Gercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni ** heavilly poached

Hoest’s Monkey – Gercopithecus l’hoesti ** rare can only be found in small isolated areas

Rwenzori Colobus Monkey – Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii ** heavilly poached

Long Haired Chimpanzee – Pan troglodytes ** poached

Lesser Cane Rat – Thryonomis gregorianus

Tree or Sun Squirrel – Heliosciurus rufobrachium

Ruwenzori Olive Squirrel – Anomalurus fraseri jacksoni

Gaint Squirrel – Protxerus temminckii

Shaggy Swamp Rat – Dasymys Montana

Swamp Rat – Otomys dartmouthi

Long-haired Mole Rat – Tachyoryctes ruddi

Arboreal Dormouse – Graphiurus murinus

Clawless Otter – Aonyx capensis

Marsh mongoose – Atilax paludinosus

Golden Cat – Felis (Profelis) aurata

Serval Cat – Felis (Leptailurus) serval

Rwenzori Leopard – Panthera pardus ruwenzorii ** very rare due to poaching. This species of leopard is very dark in fact nearly black possiblly due to the almost black rocks and cliffs found in the Rwenzori or, maybe it is because the genetic pool is so small that they are inbreeding. There is urgent need to carry out studies in order to protect the few remaining animals. We know of only three areas where the Rwenzori Leopard may be found. Poaching is still ongoing mainly for Hyrax, Duiker (small deer like animal) and primates but ocassionally we hear of a leopard skin being sold, maybe it is from the near by Queen Elisabeth National Park or maybe the Rwenzori Mountains.

Bush Elephant – Loxpdonta Africana ** rare to be seen these days due to over poaching

Tree Hyrax – Dendrohyrax arboreus ruwenzorii

Giant Forest Hog – Hyochoerus meinertzhhageni meinertzhhageni

African Buffalo – Syncerus caffer ** not seen these days due to over poaching

Harnessed Bushbuck – Tragelaphus scriptus bor

Red Forest Duiker – Cephalophus nigrifrons rubidus ** heavilly poached "The Ruwenzori Duiker or Ruwenzori Red Forest Duiker is a stocky but small antelope found only in the Ruwenzori Mountains between Uganda and, probably, Democratic Republic of Congo. They may be a sub-species of the Black-fronted Duiker or the Red-flanked Duiker.

Yellow-backed Duiker – Cephalophus sylvicutrix ituriensis ** heavilly poached


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