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For Uganda’s Vanishing Glaciers, Time Is Running Out

A trek through tropical forest, mud fields, and scree reveals the last remnants of the once-sprawling ice fields in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. Their loss has profound implications for local communities, uniquely adapted species, and scientists studying the climate record. JOHN WENDLE Enock Bwambale stopped at the lip of the dying glacier, its blunted nose arcing steeply down to scoured rocks, then shouted up to his fellow guide Uziah Kule that the ice was too sheer […]

Rwenzori Kilembe Trail // Trek

You comb through your vocabulary for all kinds of superlatives, put them in a pot and, after stirring well, distribute its content evenly over this blog entry. It’s a similar thing for us now, because there’s a very great risk that we’ll squander all the relevant adjectives in the first paragraph. The 8-day Kilembe Trail , which we are now going to tell you about, was really unbelievable, overwhelming, fascinating, beautiful, exhausting, impressive (list incomplete)! So there we were, […]

Unforgettable 8 days trek to Margherita peak – Kinga R

8 days trek to Margherita peak was a beautiful, unforgettable experience. It’s hard to believe this trek is not popular – everything is well organised, the camps are amazing, having even wood oven stoves at higher altitudes so you can warm up and dry your clothes. There are huts so no sleeping in tents. The trails are just breathtaking and nature suprises you everyday. The guides are very knowledgeable and kind so you feel safe […]

“My climb up your mountain was just the best experience ever.” – Esther Price

The following is from a email from Esther Price from Albany, Western Australia who came down from the mountain last week Firstly I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your amazing team. You guys just rock. And a massive bonus of the plane crash was getting to spend 8 hours in a car with you. I walked away nothing short of amazed at the privilege of getting to know you a little. […]

My 8days Trek to Cheptegei Peak 4907m

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me through the trek this week, especially Enock. He was really fantastic and kept me continuing even when I was having a hard time with the trek – please let him know I really appreciated all the support. Here are some photographs that I took: Mr Daniel Bird