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Unforgettable 8 days trek to Margherita peak – Kinga R

8 days trek to Margherita peak was a beautiful, unforgettable experience. It’s hard to believe this trek is not popular – everything is well organised, the camps are amazing, having even wood oven stoves at higher altitudes so you can warm up and dry your clothes. There are huts so no sleeping in tents. The trails are just breathtaking and nature suprises you everyday. The guides are very knowledgeable and kind so you feel safe with them at all times. The food was also amazing and they managed to cook delicious vegan stuff for me. Before the trek, I exchanged probably at least a 50 e-mails with wonderful Remmy who answered all my concerns and arranged absolutely everything I needed.

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Ingeborg Oluka, and I run a travel company based in Norway. We do tours only to Uganda, and are working on building up our volume of travellers, as we started in 2018, and had almost three years break due to Covid-19. I have clients who are interested in trekking the Rwenzori (particularly to Margherita Peak). I also see that in Norway, there’s a high interest in mountain hiking and climbing, and I would like to put more content on my website and my marketing channels focusing on the Rwenzoris. Your company come well recommended from different actors I know within tourism business in Uganda, so I thought I’d start out with an email to you 🙂

    So, I have a few questions for now:

    1. Would you have some photos that I would be allowed to use in marketing? I love the photos on your website, but of course I don’t use any photos without permission.
    2. I am planning to go to Western Uganda in July or early August. It would be great to meet with you in Kilembe for further discussions. I need to do more marketing, and I find it’s always easier to write content when I’ve been to a place in person and talked to people. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to go trekking in the mountains this time.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, and hope we can partner on bringing people to climb the Rwenzoris!

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