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Two Day Trek - Rwenzori Mountains National Park

1 or 2 persons $200 each , 3 or more persons $180 each plus UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) gate entrance fee of $35 per day which is paid separately in cash. Price includes all porters, food (meals) and accommodation whilst in the mountain

The trek starts at Trekkers Hostel in Kyanjiki 12 kilometres from Kasese past Kilembe. Best to start by 8.30am but can leave as late as 10am. Meet your guides and briefing. You walk 2.2km to the UWA rangers post at 1,727metres.

Here the rangers brief you on the day’s activities and rules of the National Park.

8.6 km expected time 5 to 6 hours Start height is 1,667 metres climbing to 3,171 metres

The first two kilometres climbs steadly through montane forest, with tall trees thick undergrowth and a multitude of different species of birds and primates. Then a steepish climb up a main ridge with few rocks and firm footing except immediately after a heavy downpour, the forests are untouched and carry a wide variety of trees and plants. Many species of birds can be heard and seen in this rich environment. The first few kilometres climb steadily crossing several small streams and rivers then we start climbing the ridge. As we climb the trees become taller and straighter and it is common to see and hear many types of primates, on both sides of the ridge it is common to hear the calls from troupes of chimpanzee echoing around the valleys. You will also see their nests high up in the tall trees. Particularly around our lunch spot at 2,570m it is possible to see troupes of 15 to 20 black and white Colobus monkeys or Blue monkeys as they dash through the trees as natural fruits are many. A few hundred metres beyound the lunch spot the bamboo zone commences and we climb up another half kilometres to a small cave which was previously used by poachers. The dense bamboo is home to different species of birds and insects. We climb steadily and as we approach the 3,000 metre level the bamboo thins and gives way to giant heather trees covered in bearded moss. Samalira Camp has spectular views across the foothills to Lake George and Queen Elisabeth National Park while on the left you can clearly see Kasese town.

Day 2 After a hearty breakfast we again climb about one kilometre to a lookout (3,300m) on the ridge leading up to Charavulla For those who are fit we may proceed to Charavulla wherethere is a flat wet area on which you may find two species of Giant Lobelias. After taking and few pictures we then descend back down to the rangers post and back to Kilembe.

The second option for a two day walk 11.6 kilometres 5 to 7 hours Starting height 1,667 metres climbing to 2,585 metres. 7.2 kilometres is Sine Camp The walk is a steady climb through pristine forest with a multitude of birds and maybe the slight chance of seeing a wild chimpanzee depending on the season and the availbility of fruiting trees scampering off through the forest. Occasionally you may see a blue monkey, however it is the forest and the wide variety of plant species which is the main attraction. There are several patches of bamboo while other areas the trees are laced with hundreds of vines which have bright green lichen on them. This section of forest is spectular and just before you get to Sine Camp you walk across a stream immmediately below a beautiful waterfall. At Sine Camp you sit on the verandah and look down to a stunning set of rapis cascading down the valley. The pictures below show Sine Camp and some of the vegetation climbing up the Forest Trail




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