Our Guides

Our guides are mostly from the local community with some coming from other areas of Uganda. Our policy is to use female guides to create a better relationship with our female clients and to give equal opportunity to women. In fact we are finding that our female guides are a valuable asset in providing a more caring customer service.

We have created a continual training programme in Wilderness First Aid and medical application, safety, health and hygine, animal, plant and bird identification, rock climbing techniques, rope handling and safety, abselling, rescue and recovery techniques.

Our salaries for our guides are skills based and we have six levels of pay to encourage staff to learn and achieve better skills with the view of providing better service to our customers and give an opportunity to staff to attain a better salaryand standard of living. Welfare of staff is also a central issue and as we grow we aim to put in place a series of staff benefits and incentives with the aim of not only motivating our staff but encouraging others to set their goals at becoming a guide in the future. We have also started an adult education programme to improve on our staff's education so as they may better understand new concepts in mountaineering and customer service.




Kampala Office

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Kilembe Office

(Rwenzori Mts)

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Matovu rwenzori

Matovu, as former poacher he lived in the mountains for many years living in rock shelters. His knowledge of the mountains has assisted us in exploring and developing the trails.

Exploring the new trails

Jennifer and Enock leading a group of tourists on our community trails in Kilembe

Our guides, Enock and Christine sitting on a patch of snow on Weismann's Peak 4,620m

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Our guides during training conducted by Anders Bahr from Norway.


Back from climbing Margherita and Weismanns Peaks


Top is Sandra on Weismanns Peak at 4,620 metres

below is Sandra and Enock with clients